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Educational programmes

Multimedia performance by Ryoji Ikeda

Students works contest

XII Media Forum Programme 

The Expanded Cinema exhibition. Part 1

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, June 13 – July 3 2011

In the Moscow Museum of Modern Art exhibition the participants are: Fiona Tan (the Netherlands), Johanna Billing (Sweden), Harun Faroсki (Germany), Gary Hill (USA), Anri Sala (Albania/France), Leslie Thornton(USA), Ranbir Kaleka (India), Arev Manoukian (Canada), Boris Eldagsen (Germany), Juri Kalendarev(Italy/Russia), Evgeny Ufit (Russia), Doug Aitken (USA), Taus Makhacheva (Russia), Keren Cytter(Israel/Germany), Ilya Permyakov (Russia), the Tot-Art group (Russia), Elena Kovylina (Russia), Almagul Menlibaeva (Kazakhstan), Provmyza group (Russia), Blue Soup group (Russia), Juri Albert (Russia) andVictor Alimpiev (Russia).

Space of Memory/ Symbolic Journey

Video art can afford much of what is simply not done in traditional cinema: to break the narrative into several screens, to combine temporal currents moving with different speed in one image, to allow various styles to clash and interrupt each other, to combine materials of completely different nature seamlessly within a work.

Moving Image/ Poetics of Language and Space

Some artists see moving images as a special communication system and start analyzing it from the point of contemporary linguistics and the very categories of language in which the image speaks to us.


The Third Cinema/ Video Art as a Cast from Reality

There is a division of cinema into feature film and documentary. And there also is video art exploring technology, formal catgories of its own existence and aestetitization of the signal. However, another objective by which video art defines its role in the world is the chronicle of art as a social movement against anything, documentation of social realities by artistic means, by radical performances with viewer participation.

Simulated Reality/ The Other Hero

It may seem that video artists are sure: social reality is a closed interactive installation, and there is nothing beyond the screen. As fits the artistic avant-garde they strive to break out through into the real life, breaking the cinema stylistics of the 1950’s by contemporary special effects, creating a storm with rotating blades of a helicopter. Video art today is inventing a new hero for itself, one who would be not a viewer, who will tell new stories at the intersection of image and sound.

The Expanded Cinema exhibition. Part 2

The Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture, June 24 – July 24 2011

The exhibition at the Garage will consist of three video installations by the recognized masters of video art: the British artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien, the Finnish artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila and the Chinese artist Yang Fudong. Their work is eagerly accepted at the most prestigious film festivals, their exhibitions are held at world’s major museums – the Tate Modern (London), the Centre Pompidou (Paris), MoMA (New York). This common interest of the worlds of cinema and art towards the works of these artists marks their belonging to the border-line aesthetics of “expanded cinema” which is the Media Forum theme this year.

Educational Programmes

The Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture, June 24 – 27 2011

Media Forum traditionally emphasizes the educational part of its programme and the live communication of its audience with the well-established masters of world multimedia art: Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Finland), Fiona Tan (Netherlands), Leslie Thornton (USA), Ranbir Kaleka (India) will present their works and help the participants make sense of the relevant questions of contemporary art.

Test Pattern — a live multimedia performance by Ryoji Ikeda (Japan) at the opening of the Media Forum at the MIFF

The Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture, June 24 2011

This year’s Media Forum programme will be opened by Ryoji Ikeda (Japan) — one of the most talented sound artists, a star of the international media art festivals. Since 1995 he creates sound installations, records albums and gives live performances at major art events, such as Sonar (Barcelona) and DEAF (Netherlands), or the opening of Transmediale (Berlin). Ikeda has worked together with the choreographer William Forsythe and the architect Toyo Ito. He received the Golden Nica prize at the Austrian Ars Electronica, his works are exhibited at the Tate Modern, Centre Georges Pompidou and other world’s major museums and art centres.

Students works contest

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, June 13 – July 3 2011


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